Electric Deads

Hardcore punk

Bandmedlemmer: Bibi – vocal/vocal. Kevin – guitar and vocal/guitarra y vocal. Nils – bas/bajo. Michael – drums/batería

Pladeselskab: Electro Static Records (Denmark)/Noise and Distortion Records (Belgium)

The Electric Deads were formed in autum 1981 by Nils and Kevin and broke up in summer 1984.

E.D. played along with bands like The Zero Point, War of Destruction, Razor Blades, Ads, City X, Freshly Riots, Dunderheads, Illegal 80, Vaccinen, Anfall, Kraft Durch Freude, Disrespect, Kaaos (Tampere, Finland), Noncens (Helsingborg, Sweden), Das Psycho (Helsingborg, Sweden).

ElectricDeads_7977Electric Deads Gurrelund 1982 foto. Fritz K. Jensen

ElectricDeads_7958-Electric Deads Gurrelund 1982 foto. Fritz K. Jensen


Electric Deads “Electric Deads” ep 7″.
Recorded 2/5/82. (Electro Static Records, One Dead, 1982).
(Re-released: Noise and Distortion Records, Noise 014, Belgium, 2010)

Electric Deads “Anti-Sex” ep 7″ .
Recorded 13/9/82. (Electro Static Records, Two Deads, 1982).
(Re-released: Noise and Distortion Records, Noise 015, Belgium, 2010)

Electric Deads “Mind-Bomb” ep 7″.
Recorded 24/4/83. (Electro Static Records, Three Deads, 1983).
(Re-released: Noise and Distortion Records, Noise 016, Belgium, 2010)

“Maximum Rock´N´Roll Presents: Welcome To 1984”. Compilation lp. (Maximum Rock´N´Roll, 1984).

“Complications”. Compilation lp. (Bondeskiver, 1984).


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